about me 

Height: 6'2   |   Eye Color: Brown   |   Hair Color: Black

I'm Versatile!

Bring me in for an interview, and I WILL Impress you!  

Honestly, how many good looking Black Actors do you know who can play virtually any role, can do their own stunts,  and is an expert martial artist... who also happens to have the voice of a professional radio DJ!?!



Epoch Media Group, LLC   |   Wells Fargo Zelle Campaign   |   2018  |   Lead Diner

TXL Films, LLC    |   |   2017  |   Hot Air Balloon Pilot

Eyestorm Productions   |   Clash Royale Game of the Year   |   2017  |  Lead  Hero 

Boardwalk Pictures   |   Dacor Home Appliances   |   2017  |  Party Guest

Spears & Arrows    |   Hilton Hotels Weekenders Campaign   |   2017  | Lead Hilton   Employee(also VO the entire spot)

Beachbody, LLC   | Core De Force: MMA Fitness Video     |   2016 |   Featured Model

 Training & Workshops 

Killian's Commercial Workshop   |   Adult Commercial Workshop   |   Killian McHough

Doug Warhit  On- Camera Cold Reading   |   Cold Reading & Scene Study   |   Dough Warhit

Studio Theatre Acting Conservatory   |  Principles of Realism   |  Carol Arthur

           Studio Theatre Acting Conservatory   |  The Actors Process   |  Julie Garner



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